Call for Presenters

Winter 2024 Conference

Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa & Marina, San Diego, CA
January 22-24, 2024

  • Hotel & Conference Registration Deadline: January 8, 2024
  • Presenter’s Proposal Deadline: November 30, 2023

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    Presentation Strands & Recommended Topics

    1. Leadership - Presentations in this strand will highlight current legislation concerning independent study, ask the expert sessions, and other topics concerning current and aspiring I.S. leaders.
      • Independent Study legislative updates
      • Current critical IS leadership and educational issues.
      • Q & A with the Executive Directors
    2. Curriculum and Instruction (including Technology) - Presentations in this strand will include sessions on new curriculum standards and frameworks, instructional strategies and tools for effective teaching including online resources.
      • CA State Standards- NGSS, Social Science Framework, CTE standards, and more.
      • Effectively leveraging technology to advance teaching and learning
    3. Student Engagement/Relationships - Presentations in this strand will consider ways to foster student engagement, taking advantage of the unique opportunities that independent study programs provide to:
      • Recognize the importance of student-teacher relationships
      • Build student motivation
      • Develop and promote personalized learning
    4. Social/Emotional, Health and Wellness - Presentations in this strand will consider the well-being of the whole child in addition to self-care for educators. The strand will cover curriculum, techniques and strategies to address the prevalent physical and mental health issues of educators and students. Helping educators/students with:
      • Academic Stress
      • Depression/Anxiety, Sexual Orientation/Gender Questions, Substance Abuse
      • Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness trainings for staff

    Presentation Length

    Poster Presentation

    This is a new type of presentation (30 minutes) that we want to feature for presenters who have great ideas that work, but don’t want to do formal presentations. We are looking at having two breakout sessions (one in the AM and one in the PM) with 5-7 presenters at each session showing interested members a great educational tool. Each presenter will have their own table in the breakout room. One session would revolve around technology and technology tools; the other around curriculum.

    Presentation Description

    Includes session objective and three participant outcomes (maximum of 50 words). If your presentation is accepted, this description will be used in the program.

    Additional presenters or panel members (with full contact information) should be noted on a separate submission or in an email.

    Conference Registration

    Note: See Exhibitor Sponsorship Registration Application for Vendor Presentation Fees.

    Equipment and Materials

    CCIS will provide an LCD projector, screen, table, cabling, and internet access (Wi-Fi access will also be available in the meeting room for attendees). We will not provide a laptop computer. Bring your own laptop. If using handouts, presenters should plan to bring at least 100 copies for breakout sessions.

    Selection and Confirmation

    By submitting this presentation proposal, you are agreeing to your availability for the duration of the conference. Every attempt will be made to honor special requests regarding presentation time. You will receive a confirmation letter which will indicate the room name, capacity, and time of your presentation.