2024 Winter In-person Conference

From Hiatus to Hard Reset

The theme for our 2024 Conference is, “THAT WAS SO 2020”. Why, you ask? Well, because it’s become abundantly clear that since the advent of COVID-19, everything has undergone a profound metamorphosis. The far-reaching tendrils of this pandemic have left no stone unturned, impacting industries, reshaping policies, influencing our collective well-being, and of course, uniquely affecting our students and educators in this space. How are we coping? What strategies are working? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, we invite you to secure your spot and register for what promises to be a conference that explores the ever-evolving landscape of Independent Study and offers potentially viable solutions for the challenges we’re currently facing.

You know what we’re talking about; you’ve been in the trenches.

We will be talking about it all – ChatGPT, Gender Issues, the Opioid Crisis, Student Engagement & Motivation, Compliance, etc.

When: January 22 – 24, 2024

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CCIS supports and promotes the interests of teachers, counselors, administrators and paraprofessionals working in K-adult independent study.
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California Consortium for Independent Study

The California Consortium for Independent Study (CCIS) is a voluntary membership organization comprised of teachers, administrators, and counselors who serve independent learners in California’s public school system. As a consortium, we represent over 300 independent study schools and programs across the state which provide preschool through adult educational programs to over two-hundred thousand learners.

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Earlier this summer, a few weeks before school was about to start, some colleagues of mine—teachers and administrators in Independent Study...

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