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CCIS supports and promotes the interests of teachers, counselors, administrators and paraprofessionals working in K-adult independent study.
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California Consortium for Independent Study

The California Consortium for Independent Study (CCIS) is a voluntary membership organization comprised of teachers, administrators, and counselors who serve independent learners in California’s public school system. As a consortium, we represent over 300 independent study schools and programs across the state which provide preschool through adult educational programs to over two-hundred thousand learners.

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Advantages of CCIS Conferences

Compliance Workshop Training

Pick up the most recent Compliance Manual and learn the most up-to-date information to ensure your program is legally compliant and audit-ready.

Professional Collaboration

Conference workshop presenters share practical tips and tricks specifically intended for the Independent Study teacher and leader.

California Legislative Updates

Barrett Snider, advocate for CCIS, shares the latest information coming from Sacramento and how it could impact your program.

... and much more!

Conferences are a great place to make connections with other Independent Study programs and learn about innovative products from vendors.

Recent CCIS News

Why You Should Oppose AB 318

AB 318 by Assemblywoman Caballero is a measure that we should all oppose.  It is a legislative effort to apply a one-size fits all approach to Independent Study programs across the state.  The measure will be heard in the Senate Education Committee next Wednesday.  Please weigh in with Ms. Caballero and the Senate Education Committee […]

CUE’s New Blended Online Lesson Design (BOLD) Symposium – May 6-7, 2017

CUE has announced its new Blended Online Lesson Design (BOLD) Symposium, taking place May 6-7, 2017 at Burton Valley Elementary School, in Lafayette, California. Registration is open at The BOLD Symposium was created to enhance both the skills and visions of District Office, County Level, Site Level Administrators, TOSAs, Tech Coaches, and classroom educators. […]

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